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Laser cutting technology: Create a unique "secret weapon" for Halloween decorations

Laser cutting technology: Create a unique "secret weapon" for Halloween decorations


The anticipated Halloween is coming. If you are thinking about how to quickly prepare unique and interesting Halloween decorations for Halloween, this article will provide you with some reference.

In this article, we’ll share how to use a laser cutting machine to create wooden Halloween signs, Halloween light boxes, pumpkin and spooky trinkets, and more. After reading this article, you can find that the work of making these works is simple and efficient. Of course, you can recommend your work to your friends if you want to get extra income.


1. Unique and fun Halloween decorations

1.1 Halloween wooden sign

Halloween wooden signs are often used to decorate walls and are essential decorations for the holiday. Using a laser cutting machine, you can quickly complete the preliminary production of this work. Of course, if you want the work to look exquisite, you need to color it.



1.2 Halloween coffin

On Halloween, if you place a small coffin-shaped box on the table or hang coffin decorations on the wall, you will not only feel the spooky atmosphere of Halloween but it can also be used as a prank prop.


1.3 Halloween pumpkins, spooky decorations

Small decorations such as ghost-headed pumpkins and ghosts are indispensable elements of Halloween. People will hang these small decorations on schoolbag chains, earrings, water glasses, bedside, etc., which can enhance the festival atmosphere.


1.4 Halloween lightbox

On Halloween night, people like to go out with all kinds of lanterns. The lanterns with yellow lights will make people around them feel that the air has dropped a few degrees. This is excellent work, especially for children.


1.5 Halloween album

Photo albums bring back so many beautiful memories and it would be great to create a photo album that included ghosts and other scary characters in the photo album.


2. Use a laser cutting machine to create works

Once you have chosen the Halloween creations you want to create, the next step is to choose the right tools to make them. Before the advent of laser cutting machines, when people made wooden works, they usually chose carpentry knives, hacksaws, etc. to cut and engrave wooden boards. This was not only inefficient but also particularly easy to injure hands. So, we launched TOOCAA to break down this limitation and unlock human creative potential. We don’t want any idea to be buried due to a lack of the right tools. TOOCAA believes that tools can be as stunning as works of art.


2.1 Learn about TOOCAA

TOOCAA uses advanced laser and computer technology to redefine creation tools through industrial design, making creation efficient and safe.

As an excellent desktop-level laser engraving and cutting machine, TOOCAA always takes user needs as the starting point and puts safety first. Our unique intelligent safety system combines patented flame detection technology, body tilt detection technology, ultra-long exposure detection technology, cover opening interlocking, and other technologies to ensure your safety in all aspects. In addition, we have specially designed a USB child safety lock and optional emergency stop switch for school and home users, which not only ensures their safety but also makes operation easier and faster.

The highlights of TOOCAA don’t stop there. The smart cover design effectively blocks laser light and smoke, allowing you to enjoy high performance while keeping the working environment clean. We also incorporate thoughtful elements into the simple design, such as the built-in fill light strip, allowing you to keep track of the machine's operation at any time. In addition, the smoke exhaust system can quickly discharge the smoke generated during the working process of the machine, reducing pollution to the working environment.

In the world of TOOCAA, we pursue the ultimate in technology and pay more attention to the safety of each user. We hope that every user who uses TOOCAA products can deeply feel our dedication to safety.

Every creation starts from a tiny spark of inspiration. Whether it is redesigning the appearance of a product or creating a brand-new work from scratch, it is the crystallization of wisdom and sweat. TOOCAA values every idea and is committed to helping people with creative ideas realize their dreams because TOOCAA is built for users' creativity.


2.2  Create works using TOOCAA L2

Create works using TOOCAA L2 This article only demonstrates the production process of Halloween coffin works. The production process of other works is basically the same. I believe you can complete personalized works after reading the following steps.


2.2.1  Prepare materials list

Before making, you need to prepare the following tools and materials:

TOOCAA  L2 × 1

Computer with LightBurn software installed × 1

Type-C data cable × 1

Honeycomb panel × 1

Goggles × 1

3mm thick 30mm* 30mm basswood board × 1

Some double-sided tape or traceless tape


2.2.2 Preparation work

  • It is recommended that you install a smoke purifier and air auxiliary kit for TOOCAA L2.
  • You need to use Type-C to connect TOOCAA L2 and the computer.
  • Use the adjustment strip to adjust the position of the laser head.
  • Turn on the power switch of TOOCAA L2.


2.2.3  LightBurn connects devices and imports files

  • You need to import the configuration file of TOOCAA L2 and select the port.
  • Import Halloween coffin image files.
  • Set the appropriate cutting speed and power.
  • Check the cutting range of the work on the basswood board and rearrange the board to the appropriate position.
  • Start carving.
  • Wear goggles to check the progress of the work.


2.3  Assembling and coloring the work

First, paint the resulting four boards with paint and wait for them to dry.


Then use double-sided tape or non-marking tape to glue the stained boards together as shown in the picture.


Finally, please enjoy your work and happy Halloween!

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