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Are you new to laser machines? Want to do it as a hobby or sell your ideas? We have prepared a rich learning guide for laser beginners like you to guide you to know all the necessary knowledge you need before starting your laser engraving/cutting journey with TOOOCAA laser Engraver.

This Guide is for people who belong to one of the groups below:
• You are entirely new to the laser engraver;
• You are wondering which TOOCAA Laser engraver is a perfect choice for you;
• You already own a TOOCAA Laser engraver, but need detailed guidance for starting your first laser project;
• You already have a TOOCAA Laser engraver, but need a list of laser engraving ideas to practice your skills;
• You already have a TOOCAA Laser engraver, but you need instructions on the software part to bring out the best of the machine.

Laser Engraver Type: Three main types of laser engravers

Diode laser engraver

It uses jets of carbon dioxide to penetrate the material. However, it has low efficiency; It is, therefore, ideal for engraving and cutting non-metallic materials such as paper, fabric, leather, and wood.

CO2 Laser Engraver

It is becoming very popular with hobbyists and manufacturers. The diode in this laser is usually an optoelectronic device that converts electrical energy into light, resulting in high-intensity coherent light used to engrave objects.

Fiber Laser Engraver

Creates powerful laser beams by pumping extremely intense light down fiber optic cables. Note that these cables are generally doped with ytterbium to release high-capacity energy in the form of photons.

Possible Side Effects Of Exposure To Laser Smoke

Metal Fume Fever

This is usually caused by zinc fumes released when cutting certain alloy steels.


Chemical exposure may irritate eyes, skin, mouth, and noise.

Accumulation of Toxic Chemicals

Over time, toxic fumes build up in the body causing unwanted chemical reactions. This could eventually lead to lead poisoning and kidney problems.


Laser machines, especially those using CO2, typically emit hazardous fumes, which is why these devices need to be ventilated.

5 considerations: Before buying a laser machine

How Much Can You Afford?

Laser engraving machines cost hundreds to thousands of dollars.
The diode laser machine is the cheapest, but a fiber laser machine can cost him over $10,000. The price of TOOCAA series laser engraving machine is between $300 and $500, which is very suitable for beginners.

Portability & Flexibility

The desktop laser machine measures approximately 610 mm x 610 mm (24 inches x 24 inches) with a working area of 400 mm x 400 mm (15.75 inches x 15.75 inches). It is lightweight (approximately 5 kg), so it is easy to carry. Large CO2 and fiber laser machine installations may require special equipment and personnel to move and cannot pass through standard doorways. It also requires a large working space, unlike tabletop laser engraving machines that can be used anytime, anywhere.

How Versatile The Machine Can Be?

Accessories are essential for engraving/cutting large or tall objects. Avoid brands that don't offer add-ons/accessories. TOOCAA offers solutions to potential pain points.

The Major Materials To Work On

Before purchasing a laser machine, decide what kind of surgery you want to perform. Carbon dioxide laser machines are great for clear acrylic and diode laser engraving is great for wood, but metal engraving and faster jobs require machines with galvanic or fiber lasers.

How Fast You Can Get Business Rolling

Start your everyday laser journey with the Desktop Diode Laser engraving machine. These machines are lightweight, easy to operate, and require minimal maintenance. CO2 laser machines and fiber laser machines require more complex maintenance and special skills. Usually, the transition from desktop to his CO2 and fiber is done.

3 Profitable Approaches: Turning A Hobby Into A Business

Sell Your Ideas

Create your own inspirational projects to sell to other hobbyists interested in laser cutters. Get your own value.

Sell Laser Models Online

Create personalized items using a laser engraver and sell them online on platforms like Etsy and Amazon. Using quality hardware and innovative designs, we can create precise, detailed products that appeal to a wide audience and generate consistent revenue.

Local Engrave-on-demand Service

Investing in a quality laser engraving machine enables businesses to offer on-demand engraving services such as custom signs and personalized gifts, and generate a steady income through effective marketing.

4 Advantages: Why Choose TOOCAA?

Something About TOOCAA

Is laser engraving a profitable business?

Laser engraving is indeed a great start-up project if you have a functioning business. Many of our users share their stories in our Facebook group or Discord.

What are the differences from TOOCAA & Other Brand?

Compared with other brands of laser cutting machines, TOOCAA is making this product with heart. Not just selling products, we also provide considerate customer service and a rich case library.

What are the materials setting for each TOOCAA machines?

The complete guide on the material settings of TOOCAA laser machine can be found here.

Where i can get more project?

You can find exciting laser engraving and cutting project ideas from our Facebook group or our project gallery page.

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