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The smooth progress of laser work is inseparable from various laser engraving machine accessories.
There are accessories to assist with rotary engraving, exhaust fans to assist in removing fumes from laser work, air assist to keep work surfaces clean, and more.
Laser creation just got easier with these laser accessories.

TOOCAA 10W laser modules

This TOOCAA 10W precision laser module is tailor-made for detailed engraving and fine cutting. Its compact design not only saves space, but also facilitates quick installation and replacement, greatly improving the user's operational convenience. This module is suitable for small projects and crafts with strict requirements on details, ensuring high-precision output for engraving and cutting, and is an ideal choice for personalized customization and professional production.

TOOCAA Air Assist For L2

This TOOCAA Air Assist Kit is designed for laser engraving machines to blow away the debris and smoke that may be generated during the laser cutting process, protecting the laser module's lens from contamination and thus prolonging the service life of the laser module. The air is used to quickly reduce the temperature of the surface of the cut material, preventing deformation and discolouration of the material due to high temperature, ensuring smooth lines, intact patterns and clean surfaces.

Laser Engraver Air Assist

TOOCAA Honeycomb Working Panel

The TOOCAA Laser Cutting & Engraving Honeycomb Working Panel is a necessary part of laser cutting and engraving machines. It can be used to place the materials to be processed, protect your desk and enhance your creation.
With its large size, this honeycomb plate set is a good choice for various laser machines.
It also speeds up the evacuation of fumes, which are very hot and can yellow the workpiece. We also offer aluminum plates, which can protect your desk from burns. Four corner protectors are included with the set for safety.

TOOCAA Smoke Purifier

This TOOCAA smoke purifier removes smoke and harmful gases through a high-eciency filtration system. It protects your health and the environment and creates a fresh working environment. It is easy to operate and reliable in performance, and can effectively reduce the content of particles, odors and harmful substances produced during laser engraving or cutting.

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