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The smooth progress of laser work is inseparable from various laser engraving machine accessories.
There are accessories to assist with rotary engraving, exhaust fans to assist in removing fumes from laser work, air assist to keep work surfaces clean, and more.
Laser creation just got easier with these laser accessories.

TOOCAA Air Assist

ELECFREAKS TOOCA Air Assist Kit creates a constant stream of compressed air that blows away dirt and smoke generated by the laser during the engraving process. This keeps your work area clean and debris-free and prevents your ingredients from scorching or charring, helping to give your final product a shinier finish.

TOOCAA Honeycomb Working Panel

The ELECFREAKS TOOCA Laser Cutting & Engraving Honeycomb Working Panel is a necessary part of laser cutting and engraving machines. It can be used to place the materials to be processed, protect your desk and enhance your creation.It also speeds up the evacuation of fumes, which are very hot and can yellow the workpiece. We also offer aluminum plates, which can protect your desk from burns. Four corner protectors are included with the set for safety.

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