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How to Start a Small Business as a Student Using Laser Engraving and Cutting Machines

How to Start a Small Business as a Student Using Laser Engraving and Cutting Machines



If you're still in school but want to start experimenting with the mysteries of business, earn yourself some pocket money, or start a personal business. Well, starting small and making unique custom products and personal gifts that are simple, unique and popular is a low-cost and great option.
Sometimes things are as simple as making them and selling them at flea markets on campus, at sales events, and online for a small profit. And in the whole campus, everyone will be potential customers who trust you. They are similar to you in age, interests, discuss the same topics, and pursue the same hot spots. You can easily notice the current fashion trends and Align your business with the latest trends on campus.
Don't worry, I know you're worried that your DIY skills won't be up to commercial standards. It does not require you to have superb manual skills, with the development of technology, more and more cheap but powerful machines can help you start a business. For example, you can try laser engraving to create exact custom products. Here are five laser engraving and cutting ideas that can be implemented in schools.



1. Customized Pen

Whether it's an inexpensive pencil or a fancier metal pen, there are tools that everyone on campus needs to use. The advantage of customizing pens is that it allows everyone to use different pens, such as customizing some products with club logos or school badges, which will be a fun and unique way to increase the sense of campus identity.


2. Exquisite Notebook

Whether it's a gift for a friend, for your own use, or to sell as a souvenir to parents and school visitors, notebooks are certainly a very practical choice. There are many options for materials, such as wooden covers, leather covers, personalized metal plaques added to the covers, and small pendants hanging in notebooks, etc. There are so many possibilities for you to use your creativity .


3. Creative bookmarks

Creative bookmarklets let your customers let their imagination run wild. Designing a bookmark is very simple and it can be of various shapes, sizes and materials. It can be wooden or metal. It can be single layer or double layer, primary color or colored. The possibilities are endless.


4. Personalized Greeting Cards

Everyone has some special days worth celebrating and commemorating, such as birthdays, love anniversaries, anniversaries, lucky cards, etc. If your customers feel that standardized supplies are not sincere and creative enough, a unique and high-quality The greeting cards will be perfect for those who want to be remembered fondly.


5. High Quality Drinking Glass

Drinking enough water is important for everyone, and as a durable product that is used frequently, making personalized water glasses is a popular choice.Various interesting patterns, names and blessing words can be engraved on it.

The beauty of laser cutters and engravers is that they are easy to get started with, powerful, fast and precise, and can be used with so many different materials, including on cardboard, wood, bamboo clapper, rubber sheet, leather, fabric, acrylic, plastic, and metal. It even works on curved surfaces, like a wine bottle. which means the goods you can create are limitless, it's all up to your creativity.



If you are considering to choose a less expensive but very useful machine to start your customized project for you, you should consider ELECFREAKS TOOCA L1 Laser Engraving Machine (5W), it is cheap but includes all you need Function, very usable, you can easily obtain and use such an entry-level machine to start your business journey. So, let we start!


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