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2023 Christmas Gift Recommendations: Unique and Meaningful Christmas Trees

2023 Christmas Gift Recommendations: Unique and Meaningful Christmas Trees


There are twinkling stars in front of every house. As night falls, the balconies of every household can sparkle at night because they are decorated with various lights. People are getting ready for the anticipated New Year.

In our opinion, no holiday is more important than Christmas. When preparing for Christmas, buying or cutting down a tall Christmas tree is something that everyone has experienced.

I have a love-and-hate relationship with the Christmas tree that serves as a decoration in my living room: I love it because it's really pretty and sparkly, and I hate it because it's too big! What a difficult thing it would be if I wanted to place it on my desk or give it as a gift to a friend! But now I can realize these ideas through a laser cutting machine: TOOCAA and share this happiness with my family and friends.

There are many small Christmas trees we can DIY using laser cutters. Here are our recommended Christmas tree projects for reference only.


Christmas Tree Gift Creative Projects 2023

a) Scandinavian Christmas Tree

Scandinavian design is a kind of modernism. It's also a model of the combination of traditional handicrafts and modern large-scale industry.
The reason why Scandinavian design has gained praise and far-reaching influence is inextricably linked to its emphasis on the unity of form and function, its emphasis on the highly rationalistic practicality of products, and the simple beauty brought about by the rational use of natural materials. As the saying goes, “Less is more.”
To make this style of Christmas tree, we need to prepare a laser cutting machine, thick wooden boards, electric drills, cylindrical wooden sticks, steel bars, etc.


b) Small and cute Christmas tree

Wow! They are so cute! When I first saw these Christmas trees, I wanted to hold them carefully in my hands and look at them carefully.

They are so delicate and adorable that they will make your heart melt. If you are a happy angel who loves children and pets, you can try making these Christmas trees to put on your desktop.


c) Romantic art style Christmas tree

The simple shapes and regular combinations give us a full artistic atmosphere. Placing them at home will always make us calm down and appreciate their beauty every time we see them. Some people say that mathematics is the other side of art. The Christmas tree work above combines the rationality of mathematics and the romance of art and is incredibly beautiful. To make these works, you will need a laser cutter, wooden boards, screws or super glue, and maybe some light strips, etc.


d) Christmas tree pendant

Exchanging gifts with friends is the most common thing at Christmas. If we hold our own DIY small Christmas tree, it not only reflects the importance we attach to our friends, but this gift is unique and will be treasured by your friends forever.Using a laser cutter to make a small Christmas tree is easy and efficient.

The most difficult step is to think about what type of Christmas tree you want to make and what pattern to carve on it. It is best to have some meaning to it. When a friend asks you, you can tell her your blessings for her.


e) Christmas tree with hollow pendants

Minimalist art style with finishing touches. When I saw these works, one word flashed through my mind: Perfect. Our current life is increasingly filled with industrial products and lacks natural things, which has led to people's increasing desire for contact and harmony between man and nature. The integration of modern life and nature, etc. These works highlight the integration of industry and nature, the unity of machinery and ecology.

This article will be about making one of these, so let’s get started.


How to make a hollow Christmas tree efficiently

To make a Christmas tree with a hollowed-out effect, we need to prepare thicker boards, and it will take a long time to make such a tree with traditional woodworking tools. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, we launched TOOCAA to break this limitation and unleash human creative potential. We don’t want any idea to be buried due to a lack of the right tools.

TOOCAA uses advanced laser and computer technology to redefine creation tools through industrial design, making creation efficient and safe. As an excellent desktop-level laser engraving and cutting machine, TOOCAA always adheres to user needs as the core and safety as our top priority. TOOCAA has an intelligent security system. It combines patented flame detection technology, body tilt detection technology, and cover opening interlocking technology to ensure the safety of every user during use. For school and home users, we have specially designed a USB child safety lock and optional emergency stop switch function, which is easy to operate and ensures user safety.

And the charm of TOOCAA goes far beyond that. The smart cover design effectively blocks laser light and smoke, allowing you to enjoy high performance while keeping the working environment clean. We also incorporate thoughtful elements into the simple design, such as the built-in fill light strip, allowing you to keep track of the machine's operation at any time. In addition, the smoke exhaust system can quickly discharge the smoke generated during the working process of the machine, reducing pollution to the working environment.

In the world of TOOCAA, we pursue the ultimate in technology and pay more attention to the safety of each user. We hope that every user who uses TOOCAA can deeply feel our persistence and persistence in security.


Using TOOCAA L2 is easy, we only take a few steps to create a hollow Christmas tree.

Items to prepare:

  • TOOCAA_L2 machine
  • A computer
  • Aluminum plate
  • Honeycomb panel
  • 6mm basswood board
  • Type-C data cable
  • A piece of string
  • Spray paint
  • Smoke purifier (recommended configuration)
  • Air pump (recommended configuration)


Step 1: Place the aluminum plate, honeycomb plate, and 6mm basswood board in sequence into the working area of the laser cutting machine, and use the fixed focus block to adjust the position of the laser.


Step 2: Connect the fan adapter to the power socket and the exhaust tube to the smoke purifier or outdoors. Connect the power adapter and air pump plug to the electrical outlet.


Step 3: Insert the USB lock, use the Type-C data cable to connect the computer and laser cutting machine, and turn on the power switch.


Step 4: You need to design the shape of the hollow Christmas tree. You can use common drawing software, such as CAD, etc. Of course, we have also prepared a complete design file for you. You can download and create the work first.

Christmas Tree File

Step 5: Unzip the downloaded file and import it into LightBurn. For information on the installation and configuration of LightBurn software, please refer to this article:

Lightburn User Guide


Step 6: Set the design file to the appropriate speed and power according to the laser power of your laser cutting machine (please pay attention to the cutting work layer setting sequence).

The recommended parameters for power and speed are as follows:

Laser Engraver Type 10W  20W
Speed 100mm/min 150mm/min
Power 100 100



Step 7: Select the correct port in LightBrun, click the reset option, click the pre-walking frame option after the laser returns to the origin, and adjust the wooden board and the following accessories to the appropriate position according to the working area where the laser travels.


Step 8: Click Start to complete the preliminary work.


Step 9: Use spray paint to color the cut piece and once it dries, attach the ornament to the tree using string. The work is completed.




In Conclusion

By using TOOCAA L2, making a hollow Christmas tree is simple and efficient, and you can quickly get a unique piece. It is a pleasant process and an exciting achievement. We recommend that you try to do more work. We will be grateful if you share your experience with your friends or give us feedback.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy family!

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